Charlotte Bezzant Jewellery

I graduated with a degree in Fashion Design, but somehow fell into a non creative job. Forever making things; I started learning traditional metal smithing techniques, and making silver jewellery as a hobby - not for one moment thinking that one day I would have my own little business, spending time making things that I love, for other people to wear.


I am now taking bookings for 3 hour 'make a silver ring' workshops, in my garden studio in West London. 
Please e-mail for details.

Commissioned engagement ring with his and hers Wedding rings. Silver, Gold, aquamarine, moonstone and sparkling white topaz.

You can shop by clicking HERE  or on the link in the headings at the top of the page. And my work can also currently be found in bricks and mortar stockists, the fabulous Madejustso in Bristol, the gift shop in The Shire Hall Gallery, The Fenwick Gallery in Northumberland, as well as on the wonderful contemporary craft website

As always; I love to hear your comments and feedback, so why not drop me a line. If you are interested in stocking my work,I would also love to hear from you. I also write a blog, about things that inspire me, or the what I am working on. You can find it here if you would like to take a look.

Charlotte x